Unlocking Sustainable Business Growth with Data-Driven Psychological Insights

We empower businesses to make better decisions, develop effective strategies, and optimize their ecosystems by leveraging our proprietary technology to remotely measure the way people think and connect it to financial outcomes. Our asymmetric data approach provides you with insights you've never seen before, enabling you to integrate this data into your business model and achieve sustainable growth.

We are not consultants or a service model. Our data outputs are designed specifically for your project goals. Your input includes your goals, what defines success in terms of your ecosystem, and A+ customers, etc. We then provide you with actionable insights tailored to your unique needs.

Leadership Mindset Series
Identify and hire leaders with the right mindset for your specific needs, drawn from the passive job market. Our output is an ordered list of individuals who think and act like your top employees and leaders.
Employee Mindset
Understand the mindsets of your entire ecosystem to accelerate goal attainment. Through analyzing over 30,000+ companies and connecting that data to financials and stock market performance, we've identified the key mindset factors that drive company success. We uncover the hidden potential within your workforce to achieve your goals effectively.
Look-Alike by Type
Find customers and partners who share the thinking patterns of your existing A+ customers and partners. Our data-driven approach helps you expand your reach and build a loyal customer base.
Competitor and Industry Audit
Gain a competitive edge by understanding the mindsets of your competitors and industry. We help you identify potential acquisition targets, partners, and opportunities to differentiate your business.
Company Audit
Identify and promote employees with the mindsets for leadership roles. We also help you organize teams for high performance and complimentary fit, ensuring you have the right people in the right places to drive success.
Who is leaving vs Who is joining report
Monitor the mindsets of individuals leaving vs joining your company to identify potential retention risks and recruiting opportunities. Proactively address any potential talent gaps and maintain a high-performing workforce.
Customer Mindset Data: Match seller to buyer
Find buyers based on mindset and functional need, ensuring you connect with the right customers. We also help you match seller mindset to buyer mindset for highest conversion rates and organize sales teams based on mindset fit, optimizing your sales process and maximizing revenue.
Business Modeling: How ready are we for change?
Assess your readiness for change by comparing your team to companies that are growing, changing, or reaching their business goals. We compare you to dozens to hundreds of companies in the same industry, tracking financial performance to people capacity. Our "canary in the coal mine" report helps you understand how well your business is tracking towards goals and identify areas for improvement.
Business Modeling, Industry Reports: How do we architect change?
Gain a comprehensive overview of industry trends and identify companies that hire well over long periods of time, forming mindset momentum that improves the likelihood of achieving financial goals. Our insights empower you to make informed decisions that drive sustainable business growth.
Partner with us and unleash the power of data-driven psychological insights to achieve your business objectives.

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