HR Tool

  • Assess your talent at scale, focus resources and assign behavioral fits to the people who work for you and what they should be doing. Confirm and quantify your intuitions about your team as that you can place resources efficiently.
  • We can do this in real time, ubiquitous and in an unbiased way. It’s a no touch approach that does not need surveys or any type of interview.
  • When you know your teams you can make the changes needed to face the future with confidence.
  • What makes us different? We’re looking at language and converting it into psychological traits and states. People make word choices that indicate who they are. It determines their subconscious true self. Using publicly available language, we can help you in ways not possible before.
  • Discover your next leaders, performers and innovators. Now you can make true resource allocation changes.
  • We are happy to do an assessment of your leadership team at no charge.
Old way
New way
Surveys, interviews
Review psychology of publicly avaliable language to get to causal reason of why
Understand variation
Resumes and testing
Not sufficient to predict future job success. Psychology metrics help determine the right people
Media to find people
Predict people based on their language and reach out to that list only

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