Unlock Sustainable Growth with Data-Driven Psychological Data

Harness the power of asymmetric data to optimize your business model, cultivate exceptional talent, and drive marketing and sales success.

Welcome to the world of data-driven psychological insights, where businesses are empowered to make informed decisions, develop innovative solutions, and achieve sustainable growth. We help organizations unlock the full potential of their data by appending psychological markers to traditional business data, revealing deeper insights into customer purpose, market dynamics, and organizational processes.

What We Do

We help you understand people using software and data. We use language psychology technologies that integrates with your software and business models. It helps software and business models assimilate and serve people in a better, more ethical way.

Our capability is non-invasive, on-demand or real-time and is un-bias.


How can organizations de-risk change and improve outcomes?

Can we understand our people, customers and prospects in a non-invasive, un-biased, always-on way?

How can we understand what people are truly thinking, down to un-conscience and sub-conscience thoughts about our organization ,products and services so that we can improve what we do and how we do it.


We invented a way to obtain, assess, audit and help you take action using language psychology software. We have technology that uncovers deep, sub-conscience thinking about people in a non-invasive, un-bias way.

By understanding the deep meaning of people and connecting it back to action, we can understand and help you make changes that are meaningful and connected to future outcomes.


People write and speak or they perform activities that can be psychologically understood. When we write or speak we make word choices that we overuse or underuse. Understanding what words, how many, are understood by language and social psychologist. Historically, this information was gathered in a 1:1 setting. Its now possible to use the same techniques with software. No matter what we write, we can uncover meaning from your Linkedin Profile, blogs, articles or an open text boxes.

The science behind language psychology is 2,000+ years old. Since Sir Francis Galton created the lexical hypothesis which has been furthered over the last 150 years by a number of great researchers. We now understand the overuse and underuse of certain words and how they work within the context of writing. This information is the foundation of our psychologist helps you as a person but much of what they are doing can be turned into software to better serve people at scale. By understanding the metrics of traits and states of people, we can better serve them and understand what they truly desire subconsciously.


Our output is data and how to use, integrate and manage it. We often produce files that are 100x larger than the data we take in. We find what is important and shrink it down to key changes to sales, marketing, product and operations. Most important, this data supports executive function. It helps you make better choices.

About Us

We are a team of programmers, scientist, business analyst and brand experts. We quantify language and find the means and methods to understand what psychological metrics mean for your business. We can achieve ethical customer centricity if we understand what people want and why. We have worked for some of the largest companies in the world.

Its easy to demonstrate and we welcome a chance to discuss your business model and software needs