Unlock Sustainable Growth with Asymmetric People Data

Harness the power of asymmetric data to optimize your business model, cultivate exceptional talent, and drive marketing and sales success.

Welcome to the world of data-driven psychological insights, where businesses are empowered to make informed decisions, develop innovative solutions, and achieve sustainable growth. We help organizations unlock the full potential of their data by appending psychological markers to traditional business data, revealing deeper insights into customer purpose, market dynamics, and organizational processes.

Our Services Data Output

Business Model Development

We help you identify and develop business models that align with your customers' subconscious motivations (why they buy), leading to increased sales, conversion, customer satisfaction, loyalty, and lifetime value.


We utilize machine learning and remote psychological profiling to identify and hire top talent with the right psychological makeup, problem-solving skills, and leadership potential (capacity), ensuring that your workforce is equipped to drive your business forward. We found a way to remotely Measure your entire ecosystem including competitors. This way we can find your A+ future employees from the passive marketplace. Our applied research demonstrates great companies are made up of diverse yet high trait capacity. We continue to analyze thousands of companies and many more leaders, connecting their economic (in many cases stock performance) to leadership thinking capacity. Why let adverse selection even apply? If you could name your future employees why are you going to look elsewhere?


We connect data-driven sub-conscience data to the causal relationship between psychological purpose of business ecosystems (all people surrounding the organization, like vendors, employees, and customers) to investment outcomes, enabling better informed decisions. It’s a powerful way to make money as well as avoid adverse selection.

Marketing and Sales

We craft targeted marketing and sales strategies that leverage subconscious markers and innovation to reach the right customers with the right message at the right time, maximizing conversion rates and driving revenue growth. It's not just theory, it’s hands on data I can be executed against media buys and sales teams. Align your business outcome to the actions and outcomes of marketing and sales. When you apply remotely acquired psychology markers, you start focusing very fast on outcome.

Our Approach


We start with the desired outcome in mind and then identify the data, insights, and actions necessary to achieve it, ensuring that every effort is aligned with your business objectives.

Asymmetric Data

We go beyond traditional business data to incorporate psychological and functional markers, providing a holistic view of customers, future employees and market dynamics. Predicting what is A+ changes everything about your decision making and the proof sets are quick to attain.

Actionable Insights

We translate data into actionable plans that drive tangible results, empowering you to make informed decisions and achieve goals quickly.

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