Persona Tool

  • Create personas that include psychology in a non-invasive way that has never been possible before.
  • We create financial, demographic, and deep psychological reasons and segment this data according to why people buy from you.
  • This allows you to focus resources and assign behavioral fits to the people. It’s a great way to focus on limited resources.
  • We can do this in real-time, ubiquitous, and in an unbiased way. It’s a no-touch approach that does not need surveys or any type of interview.
  • What makes us different? We’re looking at language and converting it into psychological traits. People make word choices that indicate who they are. It determines their subconscious true self. Using publicly available language, and large data sets, we can help you in ways not possible before.
  • We can also create a look-alike ‘sales lists’ based on the deep reasons why people buy.
Old way
New way
Surveys, interviews
Review psychology of publicly avaliable language
Not the causal reasons why people buy.
Averaging data
Cluster analysis of large data sets. Reduce averaging significantly

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