Whispers of Wisdom: Unearthing Hidden Profit Signals in Company Communications

Imagine walking into a bustling corporate office and, instead of listening to the chatter, you could hear the whispers of the company’s future success. That’s what I’m doing with my innovative approach to analyzing company communications.

By delving deep into the vast ocean of text produced by publicly traded companies, I’m extracting hidden signals that predict their long term, future financial performance. It’s like having an ability to read between the lines and see beyond the carefully crafted press releases and annual reports. Even 10-k statements have hidden clues to confidence or teenage like lies about stealing mom & dad’s car.

But how does it work?

My process starts with anonymizing information about individuals. No names, no faces, just laguage converted into pure data. This protects privacy while allowing me to focus on the bigger picture: the collective voice of the company.

Next, I aggregate this anonymized data up to the team and company level. Think of it as zooming out from individual pixels to see the entire image. This reveals the underlying themes and narratives that drive the company’s communication and more important…purpose.

And yes, 60% of companies are a mess. Self martyrs, obstructionist, opportunist, over-disciplined thinkers, lost in the details, passive aggressive, narcissist…… just to name a few.

Know any at your work? Only takes a few to wipe out the productivity of hundreds if not thousands of good people.

So why invest in these companies that have these systemic problems?

The real magic happens when I destroy the original text data. It’s like burning the blueprints after building the house. What remains is a year-by-year assessment of the company’s internal dynamics and external messaging. This “corporate DNA” is the key to unlocking the secrets of its future success.

Finally, I connect this corporate DNA to financial data. This powerful combination allows me to build models that predict, with surprising accuracy, how likely a company is to thrive in the years ahead.

Think of it as a financial crystal ball, powered by the whispers of wisdom hidden within a company’s own words.

Why is this important?

My approach offers several advantages over traditional investment methods:

  • Reduced bias: By focusing on objective data, I remove the human element that can lead to biased decisions in investing.
  • Early detection: My models can identify potential trouble spots before they become visible to the naked eye, giving investors a valuable head start.
  • Uncovering hidden gems: Traditional methods often overlook promising companies with unconventional communication styles. My approach gives them a fair chance to be seen and heard. Think of warren buffet in value investing. Now you can quantify the psychology of value investing.

The future of investment is data-driven, and Whispers of Wisdom is at the forefront of this revolution. By harnessing the power of language analysis, I’m helping investors make smarter decisions and build more profitable portfolios.

This is just the beginning of the story. As I continue to refine my models and expand my dataset, I’m confident that I can unlock even more secrets hidden within the vast ocean of corporate communication.

Join me on this journey. Together, let’s listen to the whispers of wisdom and build a brighter future for investors and companies alike. Back testing this data, I have created significant, above average performance for portfolios using basic investing techniques and focusing primarily on leadership teams in the scorecard of their purpose.

I would like to know more about the traditional ways of investing and if any investors wonder if psychology can unlock their future.

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