When getting your business ready for change where do you start?

Here’s some thoughts that might make sense.

Step 1: Figure out who your leaders are and figure out what their mission and vision is. A lot of times we ‘hear words’ but they don’t reflect the true meaning and desire of the leadership of the organization. Is the mission and vision of the organization properly reflected? Often, I find not. The leadership sometimes has a hard time explaining themselves. By analyzing word usage, you reveal the true personality of the leader and can adjust language.  People can read words and tell you if a person is honest and sincere. Can they trust in respect you through language? Yes it’s possible.  

I had one case where a letter had gone out to potential customers. It did terrible. It turns out that psychologically it was inward. It was all about them.  Another letter went out and it spoke to the customers needs. It resulted in 20 times the profitability of the first letter. Significant numbers to. Did anyone in the organization read this ahead of time? No it was not possible. The letters looked similar in tone and voice to people within the company but obviously not to those on the outside.

Step 2:  Figure out the three circles what is the how, what, and why?

Why do you want to do something versus what do you need. Most companies spend a lot of time on the how and the what but they don’t offer the deep psychological reasons ‘why’ people buy.  Once you crack this code of the 3 circles, you have a great recipe for understanding the purpose of the organization. Now it’s time to execute.

Step 3:  Create a total addressable audience that’s based on the mission and vision of leadership and the organization. What is the deep reasons why people buy from you whether it’s B2B or B2C, Identify a total addressable audience based on functional need AND psychology of choice.  This can be done and quantified. This is what I do best.

Step 4:  Create a one-to-one marketing engine. This is where it’s difficult. A lot of media is put in place for you to ‘over buy’ or under serve and to focus on the wrong KPIs.   For example, why is your conversion rates so low?  it’s because you’re over buying. there are tools and capabilities in place that profoundly changed media-buying. the closer you can get to reaching an exact audience by manipulating media tools in a different way the closer you can reach the best customers only. 

Step 5:  Lead, nurture, close. Built in the system that finds people, reaches out and measures the results. Don’t be shy about this step.  This is a rather easy step because it’s already well defined and there’s no need to recreate the wheel here.

If you ever need help with completing these steps, feel free to reach out.  I’m always happy to talk shop.  Making sure your business model matches the customer value proposition through the psychological needs of people is critical.  It often does not take much to break in a process that will work and grow a company. We often create great products that just need some fine-tuning to reach the right people.  By orienting yourself customer psychology first, you work backwards and build an organization designed for growing towards that total addressable audience. 

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