When change is allowed depends on the right to ask questions and permission to change.

Of course, if you have no questions there’s likely not to be much change. If things are going all right in your organization, there’s no need to do anything different right?

Typically companies that focus on innovation but do not have a lot of engagement within the organization (lack of questions), are not truly innovating or they’re focused on efficiencies.  One example might be the history of the car manufacturer Saturn.  

Organizations that have many questions, and active organization that seeks out answers to customers on that needs and wants to change, will likely change.   Likewise, and engaged organization seeking Innovation will create Innovation.  Change and Innovation are not necessarily the same thing. 

Indicators that you need to think harder about customers underserved needs 

  1. You have built a team of people that question what customers want
  2. Performance of existing customer profiles are not acceptable
  3. Product and marketing teams are engaged with each other. This might not be without problems but they are engaged.
  4. You have a proactive team that is pushing to the top for innovation.
  5. Your proactive team is pushing an agenda that has a clear goal

My biased is to build innovation. If you’re a startup hopefully you’re focused on something that’s meaningful and you’ve solved the root cause of the customers underserved needs.

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