The surveillance economy vs creating a customer-centric economy

Understanding decisions; why people decide using predictive research can short cut what we measure and make the tasks of determining what works easier.  We can’t measure people’s thoughts, but we can find ways to create theories of decision making.  And this can be used to help people – not further a surveillance economy.

Maybe we have been asking the wrong questions. instead of trying to measure every last bit of detail about what people click on and what page they visit or how they interact with your app, we drop the volumes of details and think about it a different way.

What really makes a decision count? Is it all of these various steps that are so complex or could it be something much more simple?

At Stealth Dog Labs, we have been doing people research and connecting decision to economics. We’ve come to the conclusion that complexity is the enemy of trust. Complexity does not further an understanding of why people make decisions. Decisions are based on something inherent to the individual and how we live our life. You can attempt to fill stores of data with a multitude of connection points or you can think simple.  Anything you attempt to do cannot quantify what you see with your eyes off the screen. There are just too many things out there that influence us and there’s no way to track it all. It’s better to step back and maybe flip the telescope around. There are ways to help people make decisions and put in front of them what will help them – not push them into a decision. Instead of a surveillance economy maybe we should be proactive about creating a customer-centric economy.

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