The linguistic based variables

These are the linguistic based variables we create using ‘people activities’

Variables, we measure to connect CRM to ‘jobs to be done’

Analytical Thinking

Clout oriented

Authenticity oriented

Emotional Tone oriented

Affective process usage

Positive emotion orientation

Negative emotion orientation

Anxiety orientation

Anger orientation

Sadness orientation

Social processes orientation

Family orientation

Friend social process orientation

Female referents orientation

Male referents orientation

Cognitive process and orientation

Insight oriented

Cause oriented

Discrepancy oriented

Tentativeness oriented

Certainty oriented


Perceptual processes

Seeing – visual thinkers

Hearing oriented customers

Feeling orientation

Biological Processes orientation

Body orientation

Health/illness orientation

Sexuality orientation

Ingesting orientation

Core Drives and Needs oriented

Affiliation orientation

Achievement orientation

Power, superiority orientation

Reward focus orientation

Risk/prevention focus orientation

Time Orientation Past focus

Time Orientation Present focus

Time Orientation Future focus

Relativity orientation

Relativity, Motion orientation

Space orientation

Time orientation

Work orientation

Leisure orientation

Home orientation

Money orientation

Religion orientation

Death orientation

Big words oriented

1st person plural pronouns usage

Articles usage

Regular verbs usage

Adjectives usage

Comparatives usage

Interrogatives usage

Quantifiers usage

Articles oriented

Prepositions oriented

Auxiliary verbs oriented

Common Adverbs oriented

Conjunctions oriented

2nd person pronouns usage

3rd person singular pronouns usage

3rd person plural pronouns usage

Impersonal pronouns usage

Prepositions usage

Auxiliary verbs usage

Common Adverbs usage

Conjunctions usage

Negations usage

Informal oriented

Informal Speech orientation

Netspeak orientation

Assent orientation

Nonfluencies orientation

Speech Fillers orientation

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