Mindsets, traits and purpose

In the vast, often predictable expanse of the business landscape, governed by traditional metrics and age-old strategies, I stumbled upon a profound realization: businesses, in their essence, bear subconscious traits that critically define their success and purpose (or lack of). This insight was not just an observation; it was a call to adventure, challenging me to decipher and harness these hidden traits to sculpt superior business models.

Drawing inspiration from the visionary Clayton Christensen, I embraced the idea that “Innovation is about allowing people to do what they were previously unable to do or achieve.” His insights into disruptive innovation became my guiding star, illuminating the path to challenging the status quo. In parallel, Bob Moesta’s wisdom that “People don’t simply buy products or services; they ‘hire’ them to make progress in specific circumstances” further deepened my understanding of the intricate dance between consumer needs and organizational purpose.

Armed with these guiding principles and influenced by the pioneering spirit of David Oreck and David Sarnoff, along with the ethical and integrity-based compass instilled by my father, I embarked on a quest. This journey was not just about navigating uncharted waters but about redefining the very essence of business success. I discovered that a mere 6% of businesses truly comprehend and measure what matters, leaving a vast majority in the shadows. Some 60% of organizations wallow from one sugar high to the next. I think about the people that work at these organizations and as my machine analyzes these companies wonder just how many people should work for the 6% club leaving behind these dogs that never get out of their own way. No disrespect to dogs. I have two.

My mission became crystal clear—to delve into the subconscious psyche of organizations, much like navigating the principles of the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, and to illuminate a pathway for businesses to align with their true identities and purpose.

The resistance of the traditional business world only steeled my resolve, propelling me towards a domain where success transcends financial achievements to embody purpose and impact on lives. This adventure is not a solitary journey but a collective call to action for businesses ready to transcend the ordinary and venture into the extraordinary—where the pursuit of purpose harmonizes with profitability, satisfying both the soul and the balance sheet.

In this realm, the recognition and pursuit of a deeper purpose, coupled with the intrinsic pleasure of connecting to profitability, mindsets of teams and growth, are not merely aspirational goals but achievable realities right now. This journey, inspired by the teachings of my mentors and guided by a steadfast ethical compass, promises a more meaningful and sustainable future for businesses willing to embark on this transformative adventure.

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